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Henriette Mutegwaraba Easy to read Life Stories Life Stories

Henriette Mutegwaraba

Henriette Mutegwaraba was born in 1972 in the Butare province of Rwanda. Her parents were farmers and owned land. She was the firstborn of the family and had two brothers and three sisters. She says that life was ‘not too bad’ before the Genocide. She was 24 when the Genocide in Rwanda took place.

Waldemar Nods Easy to read Life Stories Life Stories

Waldemar Nods

Waldemar Nods was a black grandson of a slave from Suriname, who moved to the Netherlands in 1927, aged 19. He had a son – Waldy – with his Dutch wife – Rika – and together they hid Jews from the Nazis during the German occupation. They were caught and deported to concentration camps in Germany.