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Otto Rosenberg Easy to read Life Stories Life Stories

Otto Rosenberg

Born in 1927, Otto Rosenberg grew up in Berlin with his grandmother and two siblings. His family were Sinti, a Romani population of central Europe. Otto remembers living on private rented ‘lots’ of land that his family shared with the caravans and houses of extended family and other members of the Sinti community.

Anna Lehnkering Bilingual Welsh/English resources Life Stories

Anna Lehnkering

Researching her family history, Sigrid Falkenstein found her aunt’s name – Anna Lehnkering – on a list of 30,000 people who were murdered by the Nazis as part of the Aktion T4 project in the year 1940/1941. This spurred Sigrid on to find out more both about her Aunt and Aktion T4, the Nazi programme for sterilising and murdering those with mental or physical disabilities.


Nazi Persecution of Roma and Sinti - Donald Kendrick

Donald Kenrick is the author of many books on the experiences of Gypsies (Roma and Sinti) under the Nazi regime including Gypsies under the Swastika (University of Hertfordshire Press, 2009). In 1974 he was the co-author of the first book in the English language about the experiences of Gypsies under the Nazi regime. In this podcast he provides an overview of what the fate of Europe’s Roma and Sinti under the Nazi regime of hatred.