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Nazi Persecution of Roma and Sinti - Donald Kendrick

Donald Kenrick is the author of many books on the experiences of Gypsies (Roma and Sinti) under the Nazi regime including Gypsies under the Swastika (University of Hertfordshire Press, 2009). In 1974 he was the co-author of the first book in the English language about the experiences of Gypsies under the Nazi regime. In this podcast he provides an overview of what the fate of Europe’s Roma and Sinti under the Nazi regime of hatred.

Recipe from the Roma community Recipe card

Recipe from the Roma community

HMDT has produced recipe cards sharing dishes important to communities targeted during genocide. Also providing background information, they are an engaging way of learning about cultures and celebrating the lives of people who were murdered during genocide.

Warwickshire Pride mark HMD 2017 Local HMD activities

Warwickshire Pride mark HMD 2017

Warwickshire Pride were inspired to hold their first Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) event on 27 January 2017 at Central Hall in Coventry. They teamed up with nearby friends Coventry Pride to host an evening of talks and performances to mark HMD and to remember the victims of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution of other groups, with specific reference to LGBT+ victims.