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Untold stories - Margaret Films Life Stories

Untold stories - Margaret

Margaret is a German Jewish Refugee. She fled Nazi Persecution, leaving her family behind and then settled in the UK. In this Untold Stories film she speaks about the persecution which drove her family from Germany, how she escaped to England, and the fate of her relatives who were left behind.


Words that destroy

This film, created for Holocaust Memorial Day 2018, features the testimonies of two survivors of the Holocaust, Ivor Perl BEM and Helen Aronson, and survivor of the Genocide in Bosnia, Safet Vukalić.


Words to survive

This film, created for Holocaust Memorial Day 2018, features the testimonies of Helen Aronson, a survivor of the Holocaust, and Safet Vukalić, a survivor of the Genocide in Bosnia.

Asma - anti-Muslim hate Films Life Stories

Asma - anti-Muslim hate

HMD 2016's theme was Don't stand by, which provided an opportunity for everyone to consider the role we as individuals can play in standing up to intolerance, prejudice and hate where we see it taking place today. In a video produced by Tell MAMA and Faith Matters, Asma shares her experience of suffering an incident of anti-Muslim hate and explains how she moved forward from this event.

Carl and Teresa Wilkens Films Life Stories

Carl and Teresa Wilkens

Carl Wilkens was the only US citizen to stay in the Rwandan capital of Kigali during the 1994 genocide. This interview explores the story of how he, with the support of his wife Teresa, chose not to stand by when the Hutu extremists aimed to wipe out the Tutsi presence from the country.