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Martha Blend Life Stories

Martha Blend

Nine year old Martha Blend excaped from Austria on the Kindertransport in 1938, leaving her parents behind. Here she describes her life in Austria, the journey to the UK, and the fate of her family left behind.

Life Stories

Wolf Blomfield

Wolf Blomfield came to Britain as a Kindertransport boy in March 1939, when he had just turned ten. In this testimony he describes his journey, the reasons for leaving, and his life since leaving his father behind.

Life Stories

Esther Brunstein

More than half a century has passed since the events I am going to describe took place, but for me not a single day has gone by without me reliving at some point the pain and the trauma.

Life Stories

Istvan Domonkos

Istvan Domonkos was a young Hungarian Jew whose father was an administrator for the Budapest Jewish Council. In this testimony he describes Nazi persecution of Hungarian Jews, the death of his mother, and how Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg enabled him and his father to escape from Hungary.

Lily Ebert BEM Life Stories

Lily Ebert BEM

In this film Holocaust survivor Lily Ebert BEM describes her journey from her Hungarian hometown of Bonyhád to Auschwitz, and how she kept her gold pendant with her throughout her experience.