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Organise a youth HMD activity

Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) activities for young people take place in a range of different settings. Whether you’re a young person planning an event at your school, or a youth worker organising an activity with a local youth group, below you will find guidance and tips to support you.

Organise a youth HMD activity

There are many ways to mark HMD – from hosting a film screening to running a creative activity. We have resources available to support you to organise your own HMD activity, but you are also welcome to create your own. HMD activities should take place between early January and mid-February, preferably as close to Holocaust Memorial Day, 27 January, as possible.

HMD activities are an excellent opportunity to increase knowledge of the Holocaust, Nazi persecution of other groups and more recent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. These activities engage others to work together towards a better future by promoting a society free from identity-based hostility and persecution.

See our youth resources for ideas for how to mark HMD. You may like to consider applying for our Youth Programme to learn about HMD, get support in organising an HMD activity, gain events skills and interact with many other like-minded young people.

Click below to find guidance and tips on how to set up your own HMD activity.

Individual Organisers

Information for young people organising their own Holocaust Memorial Day activity, such as at your University, College, Youth Centre or for friends and family.

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Youth Group Organisers

Information for people who run, or are a member of, a youth group organising a Holocaust Memorial Day activity.

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