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Previous years’ themes

Each year Holocaust Memorial Day Trust develops a theme for Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD).

The annual theme provides those preparing HMD activities with fresh ideas for interesting and inspiring commemorations. Each theme relates to the Holocaust, Nazi Persecution and the genocides that followed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

Click on the links below to explore previous themes for Holocaust Memorial Day. To explore the theme for HMD 2025: For a Better Future, read our theme vision.

HMD 2024: Fragility of Freedom

HMD 2023: Ordinary People

HMD 2022: One Day

HMD 2021: Be the light in the darkness

HMD 2020: Stand Together

HMD 2019: Torn from home

HMD 2018: The power of words

HMD 2017: How can life go on?

HMD 2016: Don’t stand by

HMD 2015: Keep the memory alive

HMD 2014: Journeys

HMD 2013: Communities together: build a bridge

HMD 2012: Speak up, speak out

HMD 2011: Untold stories

HMD 2010: The legacy of hope

HMD 2009: Stand up to hatred

HMD 2008: Imagine…remember, reflect, react

HMD 2007: The dignity of difference

HMD 2006: One person can make a difference

HMD 2005: Survivors, liberation and rebuilding lives