Our resources can help you learn more about the Holocaust and genocide and plan your own HMD activity. Explore life stories of survivors and those who were murdered, schools materials, activity ideas, films, images and more using the filters below.

Hosting a ceremony for Holocaust Memorial Day Activity template Virtual

Hosting a ceremony for Holocaust Memorial Day

Every year for Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD), moving ceremonies are held across the country and give communities the opportunity to learn, reflect and remember together. Using our virtual HMD ceremony resource pack, you can bring your community, colleagues or organisation together, even while we are apart.

Denise Uwimana - HMD 2021 Life Stories

Denise Uwimana - HMD 2021

Denise Uwimana lost many of her relatives in the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. She survived, but faced a difficult journey to forgive her neighbours who had murdered her family and stolen from her home. Hers is an inspiring story of courage, forgiveness and reconciliation.


75 Memorial Flames digital exhibition

Our 75 Memorial Flames digital exhibition, showcases artworks made by groups from across the UK to mark 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz. Download the video to create your own digital exhibition to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

Primary lesson plan for HMD Schools materials

Primary lesson plan for HMD

This lesson plan for primary students aged 8 and up takes students through memories and remembrance on Holocaust Memorial Day. It uses accessible games and reflective activities without explicit detail about the Holocaust and genocide so it is appropriate for a wide range of students.

Helen Aronson BEM - HMD 2021 Life Stories

Helen Aronson BEM - HMD 2021

Helen was only twelve years old when the German army arrived at her home. She was one of around only 750 people to be liberated from the Łódź Ghetto, out of 250,000 people sent there. Her mother and brother survived with her, but her father was murdered at Chełmno.