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Sabit Jakupović - HMD 2019 Life Stories

Sabit Jakupović - HMD 2019

Sabit came to the UK from Bosnia in 1992 as part of a group of 68 people who were selected by the International Red Cross, as they needed immediate hospital care. He had been imprisoned for 120 days in two different Bosnian concentration camps, one of which was the notorious Omarska camp.

HMD 2019 Postcard Project – activity organisers

HMD 2019 Postcard Project – activity organisers

Take part in the HMD 2019 Postcard Project to explore the theme Torn from home. Encourage people at your Holocaust Memorial Day activity to write to people forced from their homes during the Holocaust and the Genocide in Cambodia. Following your activity you will receive a message in response.

Immaculée Hedden - HMD 2019 Life Stories

Immaculée Hedden - HMD 2019

Immaculée Hedden lived and worked in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, before and during the genocide there. She was protected from danger many times; finding refuge with family, at an orphanage and in the basement of a cathedral in Kigali.

Safet Vukalić - HMD 2019 Life Stories

Safet Vukalić - HMD 2019

When ‘ethnic cleansing’ began in his neighbourhood, Safet narrowly avoided being sent to concentration camps with his father and older brother. Safet describes the fear he felt for his family, but the comfort that he had in the support and help from others.