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Pete - disability hate crime Life Stories

Pete - disability hate crime

HMD 2016's theme was Don't stand by, which provided an opportunity for everyone to consider the role we as individuals can play in standing up to intolerance, prejudice and hate where we see it taking place today. Here Pete shares his experience of suffering a hate crime on the basis of his disability and also explains how he reacted and moved forward with the help of Disability Equality North West.

Susan Pollack MBE Life Stories

Susan Pollack MBE

Susan grew up in Hungary, and experienced antisemitism from a young age. In 1944 Susan was sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau, where she was separated from her family. After the war, she found out that more than 50 of her relatives had been killed and that only her brother had survived.

Janine Webber Life Stories

Janine Webber

Janine Webber met filmmaker Debs Paterson at her home for our HMD 2015 Memory Makers project. Debs and Janine explored the effect these experiences have had on her life and her outreach work – as well as the importance of educating young people about the past.

Life Stories

Abdulsalam Abdullah

Abdulsalam sought asylum in the UK after experiencing violence at the hands of the Sudanese Government in their attacks against the black population in the Darfur region of Sudan. Abdulsalam shares his testimony in the hope that the raising awareness will provoke the world into responding to the genocide that continues to unfold there today.

Bettine Le Beau Films Life Stories

Bettine Le Beau

Collage artist Martin O’Neill and animator Andrew Griffin met Holocaust survivor Bettine Le Beau at her north London home, as part of the HMD 2015 Memory Makers project. Bettine survived the Holocaust in France as a child, and went on to become a Bond girl and film star. This is Martin and Andrew’s visual and animated response to Bettine’s story. Bettine died in September 2015.

Nisad Jakupovic Life Stories

Nisad Jakupovic

Nisad was imprisoned in the notorious Omarska Concentration Camp along with four of his brothers. Today he lives in London, is married with two children and works as a civil engineer.