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HMD 2020

Stand together

Millions of people were murdered by the Nazis simply because of their identity. Click below to take part in our #StandTogether project to remember them as unique individuals.

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Millions of people were stripped of their humanity and murdered during the Holocaust and Nazi Persecution. Each person was unique, with their own interests, friends and family and must be remembered.

#StandTogether with thousands of others in remembrance and share information about one of these people on your Facebook or Twitter account.

Many have never been identified. We must not forget them, so you may be remembering a victim whose name is unknown.

Use the hashtag #StandTogether when sharing on Twitter in order for your tweet to appear on our Memorial Wall.

Find out more about the people we are remembering here.



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Life stories

For many of the people named in our project we do not have detailed information about their lives. In many cases the Nazis deliberately destroyed records and stripped people of their identity. Read and share these three life stories of individuals we know more about.

Louisa Gould Nazi Persecution

Louisa Gould

Louisa hid a Russian prisoner of war in her home on the island of Jersey. She was arrested and sent to a concentration camp where she ultimately paid with her life.

Philipp Manes The Holocaust

Philipp Manes

Philipp was a German Jewish businessman. In 1942 he was deported to Theresienstadt Ghetto. He was later put on the last transport to Auschwitz where he was most likely taken straight to the gas chambers.

Memorial Wall

Thousands of people are using their social media accounts for good by remembering the unique individuals who were murdered. This Holocaust Memorial Day, join them and contribute to our Memorial Wall by using Twitter when you take part in #StandTogether.