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Our resources can help you learn more about the Holocaust and genocide and plan your own HMD activity. Explore life stories of survivors and those who were murdered, virtual activities, schools materials, films, images and more. You can filter them by genocide and type of resource.

Primary Lesson Plan on Memory and Remembering Schools materials

Primary Lesson Plan on Memory and Remembering

This lesson plan for primary students aged 7 and up takes students through memories and remembrance on Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD). It uses accessible games and reflective activities without explicit detail about the Holocaust and genocide so it is appropriate for a range of younger students.

Helen Aronson BEM Life Stories

Helen Aronson BEM

Helen was only twelve years old when the German army arrived at her home. She was one of around only 750 people to be liberated from the Łódź Ghetto, out of 250,000 people sent there. Her mother and brother survived with her, but her father was murdered at Chełmno.

Pastor Martin Niemöller Life Stories

Pastor Martin Niemöller

Pastor Martin Niemöller is best known for writing First They Came - one of the most famous poems about the Holocaust - but he is a complicated figure. Initially an antisemitic Nazi supporter, his views changed when he was imprisoned in a concentration camp for speaking out against Nazi control of churches. He later encouraged Germans to take responsibility for Nazi atrocities.


The impact of Holocaust Memorial Day

Our film showcases five activities that took place for Holocaust Memorial Day 2020 in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the significant impact they had on those who took part.


The impact of Holocaust Memorial Day in Wigan, England

At Wigan Council’s Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration, local young people performed drama, dance and music reflecting on what they learned for HMD. Watch our film to find out how they engaged the whole community in a moving event, and the impact of HMD locally.


The impact of Holocaust Memorial Day in Northern Ireland

At HMP Magilligan, learners in the prison’s education programme worked together to create an onsite museum and memorial to the Jews killed in the Holocaust. Find out how the project was developed and what taking part meant to the prison population.


The impact of Holocaust Memorial Day in Reading, England

Representatives from Reading’s diverse faith and ethnic communities took part in Reading Council’s annual Holocaust Memorial Day ceremony. In this film, civic and faith leaders reflect on why learning the lessons of the Holocaust and genocides is so important today.