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Hosting a Virtual Cook-Along Activity for Holocaust Memorial Day

Cooking together is an engaging way of learning about cultures and celebrating the lives of people who were murdered during genocide. In this activity, using digital technology, your organisation or community group can learn, cook and eat together, even while apart.

Hosting a Virtual Cook-Along Activity for Holocaust Memorial Day

By taking part in a cook-along with members of your group, friends or colleagues, you can find out more about countries and cultures affected by genocide, learn a new skill and make a delicious dish.

This activity is recommended for adult audiences and older school pupils.

How to take part

Download the cook-along presentation for Challah (braided Jewish bread) or for Ibirayi N’Amashaza (Rwandan spicy vegetable stew). Alternatively, explore our other recipe cards for inspiration. Once you’ve decided what to cook, plan your cook-along event using the guidance document to help you.

Download the guidance document

Download our recipe cards

When downloading the below activities, ensure that you have enabled external media on PowerPoint in order to play the videos that are included in the activity.

Download the Challah activity

Download the Ibirayi N’Amashaza activity

Once you have made your dishes, please let us know about your activity and share images of your creations with us on social media!

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Let us know

Don’t forget to add your Cook-Along activity to our online map and let us know how you marked HMD! Every event, online or in person, makes up the national picture of how the UK marks HMD.

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