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HMD Book Club Activity

This activity provides a list of suggested books for activity organisers to choose from, guidelines on how to run your book club meeting and questions for discussion. It can be used by any Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) activity organiser including schools, colleges, universities, youth groups and workplaces.

HMD Book Club Activity Download book club activity

This activity can take place in person, virtually, or as a mixture of approaches – whatever will suit the needs and aims of your group best. If you choose to have your discussion virtually over a platform such as Zoom, you may find the Community Security Trust’s advice on secure live streaming useful.

As the list of books is extensive and includes fiction and non-fiction, some groups may wish to read more than one title, comparing and contrasting both works. While all the books focus on genocide, they are written for a range of age groups – so we would always recommend you read the book you wish to select first, before assigning it to the group.

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Don’t forget to add your Book Club activity to our online map and let us know how you marked HMD! Every event, online or in person, makes up the national picture of how the UK marks HMD.

HMD Together

HMD Together

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