What HMDT is doing during the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus situation has dramatically altered daily life for people around the world. We live in uncertain times, but the actions of communities across the UK each year for Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) remind us what can be achieved when we work together and care for others.

What HMDT is doing during the coronavirus pandemic

Last week we announced that HMD 2020 was marked by more than 4,500 organisations, at 17,000 local activities – the highest ever total. We were so inspired by the schools, libraries, prisons, cinemas, local authorities and community groups which marked HMD, and the creative and imaginative activities which brought them together.

Whilst we were delighted to share the impact and reach of HMD 2020, it now holds an extra poignancy. As we reflect on the many examples of people literally standing together with their communities, we now find ourselves in a situation when gathering together isn’t possible.

At the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust we have taken steps to ensure that our work continues in this difficult time:

  • Our office is closed, but all staff are working from home and can help you with any questions you have by email or phone.
  • Coordinating with other organisations in the sector we have stopped all face to face contact with survivors and those who are more vulnerable, whilst making sure there is support for them when they need it.
  • Survivors of the Holocaust and genocide remain at the heart of HMD, and we’re maintaining online contact with our advisory groups which help to guide our work.
  • On social media and our website, we are sharing resources and activity ideas which you can use with young people who are not able to go into school.
  • We are developing our plans for HMD 2021, including the theme which we’ll be sharing soon. Follow us on social media or sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date.
  • We take staff wellbeing very seriously, and all HMDT staff have access to an employee assistance programme. This has been in place for a number of years and ensures that staff can access specialist help and counselling if they need it.

Holocaust Memorial Day is an example of how we can use our words and actions for good, by being kind, compassionate and thoughtful. Let’s carry the spirit of HMD 2020 forward and support each other through simple acts of kindness.