Our advisors

The work of Holocaust Memorial Day Trust is guided by a number of advisory groups which meet throughout the year to shape plans for Holocaust Memorial Day.

Find out more about each of the groups below:

Legacy Consultative Group

The Legacy Consultative Group, established in 2015, supports our work in ensuring that the Holocaust is at the centre of Holocaust Memorial Day. Survivors of the Holocaust, members of the second and third generations, and HMDT Trustees make up the membership of this group.

Genocide Survivors’ Consultative Group

The Genocide Survivors’ Consultative Group, established in 2018, brings together survivors of genocides which have taken place since the Holocaust. It is chaired by a member of HMDT’s Trustee Board.

The purpose of the group is to ensure that HMDT is working effectively to represent and share the experiences of those affected by genocide. Members include survivors of the genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. The group is Chaired by Tulip Siddiq MP, a member of the HMDT Board of Trustees, and supported by staff members.

Experts' Reference Group

The Experts' Reference Group provides HMDT with expert advice on historical and contemporary questions related to the Holocaust, subsequent genocides, the nature of genocide, historical memory and commemoration.