Order or download an Activity Pack

Our free Activity Pack can help you plan your own Holocaust Memorial Day activity, and includes materials, activity ideas and more.

Order or download an Activity Pack

The free Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) 2019 Activity Pack is now available to order, along with sticker sheets, metal HMD pin badges and 'About HMD' booklets to use at your activity. You can download or order any of our resources using the links and order form below.

Whilst you are waiting for physical resources to arrive, download Your Guide to Holocaust Memorial Day to help you plan your HMD activity.

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By completing either of the above forms, you will order an Activity Pack and have the option to request other materials. If you have any questions about this, please email [email protected] or call 020 7785 7029.

HMD 2019 Activity Pack

The Activity Pack helps Holocaust Memorial Day activity organisers facilitate their own activities. It contains a set of six posters about the Holocaust and subsequent genocides, a HMD badge and a sample ‘About HMD’ booklet.

The packs themselves aren’t designed for you to give away to those coming to your events so copies are limited to one per person. However, you can order more copies of our handout materials - the sample ‘About HMD’ booklet is for this purpose.


Please note: The posters in this pack are reusable. Keep hold of them, and any spare resources, for HMD 2020.

Download the HMD 2019 Activity Pack

'About HMD' booklets

Available in boxes of 50, these booklets make great handouts at your HMD activity and help explain what HMD is to attendees. They contain information about each genocide that is marked on HMD and the experiences of individuals who faced persecution. Download them below, or fill in a resources order form above to order a box for free:

Download the 'About HMD' booklet

Download the Welsh language version of the 'About HMD' booklet

HMD pin badges 

Pin badges are available for people organising an HMD activity and wearing the badge can help you demonstrate your commitment to marking HMD. 

Sticker sheets 

Each sheet contains 48 stickers which you could give to attendees at your HMD activity. These are great for school groups, community activities and civic events.