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About HMD booklet and flyer

Our About HMD booklet and flyer make great handouts at your Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) activity and help explain what HMD is to attendees.

About HMD booklet and flyer Download About HMD booklet

Download the Welsh language About HMD booklet

Our About HMD booklet contains information about each genocide that is marked on HMD and the experiences of individuals who faced persecution.

You can download and print the booklets yourself to display or give out at your HMD activity, or alternatively you can request copies to be sent to you here.

Alternatively, download our About HMD flyer which links to the digital booklet and can more easily be printed and handed out at your event. It is designed to be printed A3 and folded in half.

Download About HMD flyer

Download Welsh language About HMD flyer