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Secondary Kindertransport lesson plan

This lesson is suitable for 11–14-year-old students. Through testimony, artefacts and memorials it introduces the history of the Kindertransport – a programme that rescued 10,000 children from the Nazis. It is suitable for use in a range of subjects – such as History, Art and Design, English, RE, PSHE, Citizenship.

Secondary Kindertransport lesson plan Download lesson plan and Powerpoint

Download Welsh lesson plan and Powerpoint

What happened to the Kindertransport children?

Produced in partnership with The Harwich Kindertransport Memorial and Learning Trust, and with thanks to the BBC and The Wiener Holocaust Library.

In this lesson, your students will:

  • Learn about Kindertransportee Martha Blend and her autograph book
  • Hear what happened to arriving children who didn’t have foster families to go to through historic photos and a rare BBC audio recording of the children and young people themselves
  • Explore a new memorial currently in construction and hear from the sculptor himself

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