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HMD assembly – secondary schools

This assembly for secondary schools introduces students to Holocaust Memorial Day, and how we can mark it. Students will learn about how people around the world have been affected by genocide, and what we can do today. It can be delivered on or around 27 January.

HMD assembly – secondary schools

A script and presentation are included below, designed to be used together by teachers and/or students to deliver the assembly.

There is flexibility for you to include contributions from students within the assembly if they have prepared a reading, presentation or performance in advance.

The film content is embedded from YouTube, so please make sure your computer is connected to the internet.

Download the secondary assembly script

Download the secondary assembly PowerPoint

The HMD secondary assembly is also available in Welsh. 

Download the Welsh version of the secondary assembly script

Download the Welsh version of the secondary assembly PowerPoint

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We have some resources that may support students to create readings or performances to include in your assembly:

Drama lesson plan

Poetry lesson plan

Rwandan dance tutorial

Song sheets

To set the scene, screen this very short film to introduce Holocaust Memorial Day to your students.