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Lily Ebert BEM

Lily Ebert BEM

In this film Holocaust survivor Lily Ebert BEM describes her journey from her Hungarian hometown of Bonyhád to Auschwitz, and how she kept her gold pendant with her throughout her experience.


Lily Ebert BEM is a Holocaust survivor. In 1944, when she was 20 years old, the Nazis deported her and her family from her Hungarian hometown of Bonyhád to Auschwitz. She was with her mother, brother and three sisters. Upon arrival the family were split up, either directed left or right. Lily’s mother, brother and sister, were told to go right and were taken to the gas chambers and crematorium. Lily and her two sisters went another way; they never saw the others again. The only possession that Lily was able to keep with her on her journey was her gold pendant, given to her by her mother, which remarkably survived the camp with her, hidden in the heel of her shoe. Find out more about Lily’s life story.

Lily shared her testimony for Holocaust Memorial Day 2014.

Watch our short film for HMD 2014: Journeys.