HMD assembly – primary schools

This assembly for Key Stage 2 (or equivalent) introduces students to Holocaust Memorial Day, what we are commemorating, and how we can mark it. It includes poetry and film to engage students with the day. It can be delivered on or around 27 January.

HMD assembly – primary schools

A script and presentation are included below, designed to be used together by teachers to deliver the assembly.

There is flexibility for you to include contributions from students within the assembly if they have prepared a reading, presentation or performance in advance.

The film content is embedded from YouTube, so please make sure your computer is connected to the internet.

Download the HMD primary assembly script
Download the HMD primary assembly PowerPoint

You may also be interested in our HMD 2019 Postcard Project, on the theme of Torn from home. You can find two lesson plans for Key Stage 2 (or equivalent) here.