Days to remember

This set of six worksheets introduces secondary school teachers and students to six different genocides through a key date, the experiences of one person, and the story of one artefact. It can also be used in a non-school environment.

Days to remember

A set of suggested activities are included to help you explore these sheets with your students.

These worksheets are a flexible learning resource that can be used in a range of ways. They have been designed for use around Holocaust Memorial Day, which takes place on 27 January each year. You could also use them as a series throughout the year on or near to the dates featured.

You might focus on one genocide at a time, or look at more than one worksheet in the same session. You might choose to focus on the featured people and learn about the experiences of survivors of different genocides side by side, or explore the whole collection of artefacts together as if in a museum. You could work with other departments to design a cross-curricular project.

Produced in partnership with Remembering Srebrenica and Waging Peace, and with thanks to USHMM, the Genocide Archive of Rwanda and featured survivors.

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