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Learning From Genocide Podcast

Our first ever podcast series, ‘Learning from Genocide’ features in-depth testimonies and experiences of people directly affected by the Holocaust, Nazi persecution of other groups, and the genocides that followed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur.

Learning From Genocide Podcast

The series is produced by Amanda Redman, and hosted by Dr Rachel Century, our Head of Research.

Over seven engaging episodes, Dr Century interviews Holocaust and genocide survivors about their experiences. She also speaks to experts who dedicate their time to educate the world to ensure that future generations never have to live through the horror of genocide.

‘Hosting this podcast series and being given the opportunity to interview genocide survivors and experts is a real honour for me,’ says Dr Century.

‘My hope is that while listening to this series, people build a more complete understanding of genocide and become better equipped to stand up to prejudice, hatred and intolerance in our society.’

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