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Invite your MP: Template Letter

Inviting your MP to your local Holocaust Memorial Day activity is an important way to raise the profile of Holocaust Memorial Day and ensure decision makers join us in learning from genocide, for a better future. This template is a simple tool to help you to invite your local MP to your HMD activity.

Invite your MP: Template Letter Download our template letter

Download Welsh language template letter

This resource provides an easy-to-edit template letter which you can use to invite your local MP to your Holocaust Memorial Day activity.

If you do not know who your MP is, or would like to check, you can do so on the link below. It is important to invite your local MP, because MPs are normally only able to attend events in their own constituency.

Find your local MP

When you have invited your MP, please do keep us updated at: [email protected]

Some key pointers to help you:

  • It is important to ensure you include the address and postcode of the local activity, so that the MP can verify that it is in their constituency.
  • You can email the letter to your MP, by filling in the relevant details before copying and pasting it into an email.
  • You could also print or handwrite the letter and send it to your MP’s office.
  • If you haven’t heard back from your MP after about two weeks, you should follow up your email or letter with a phone call. Their details will be available here.
  • When writing to your MP it is important to always remain polite and courteous.

If you live in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, you may also wish to invite your local devolved representatives: