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Young artists’ artworks go on display in [Extra]Ordinary Portraits exhibition

Today we have announced the winners of our [Extra]Ordinary Portraits competition which feature in a new digital exhibition ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) 2023.

Young artists’ artworks go on display in [Extra]Ordinary Portraits exhibition

Kindertransportees Ann and Bob Kirk, by Ellie Jones, age 20

We partnered with The Royal Drawing School to launch the [Extra]Ordinary Portraits competition, which asked young people to learn about someone affected by the Holocaust, genocide or identity-based persecution and create a portrait of them. 30 portraits were selected by our expert judging panel to feature in the digital exhibition and at the UK Online Commemoration for Holocaust Memorial Day 2023.

Photographer, Rankin, who was on the judging panel said:

Not only does the competition nurture the creative talent of young people, but it also continues to introduce the importance of Holocaust Memorial Day to a whole new generation. The standard of the submissions this year was amazing, to see the way each artist interpreted these stories of survival was seriously inspiring.

Artist and judge, Gideon Summerfield, reflected:

Within every applicant’s submission there was so much creativity, sensitivity and understanding in the people they were studying. Having worked on my own project drawing the portraits of Holocaust survivors for the last 10 years, I am heartened by knowing that for HMD there will be a visual display of paintings and drawings of portraits created by the younger generation – an invaluable way to engage and help educate the current/future generations on what happened to those who suffered during the Holocaust and other genocides.

Follow the link below to see all the winning artworks in our digital exhibition.

View the digital exhibition

A selection of the artworks featured in the exhibition were also chosen to be displayed as part of an exhibition in Parliament’s Portcullis House.

We worked with the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, to create the exhibition, and two of our trustees, John Howell MP and Tulip Siddiq MP, have invited competition entrants and survivors to view the portraits in the heart of Parliament. The display features two competition entries from our digital exhibition, alongside five photographs of genocide survivors taken by renowned British photographer, and competition judge, Rankin.

The Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, said:

This exhibition is a powerful statement that the United Kingdom will always remember the millions of people murdered during the Holocaust and more recent genocides. It prompts us to learn the lessons of the past and recognise that genocide does not just take place on its own – it is a process which can begin if discrimination, racism, and hatred are not checked and prevented.

The exhibition in Portcullis House will be on display throughout January for MPs and their visitors to view.