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We launch the theme for HMD 2022

Over 200 people from across the UK joined us online yesterday for the launch of the new theme for HMD 2022.

We launch the theme for HMD 2022

The theme for HMD 2022 is One Day.

At the launch event, Dr Martin Stern MBE spoke about the One Day he was arrested and how his life changed since then. Alphonsine Kabagabo, survivor of the genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda, spoke about the One Day in her life when her family was saved from the genocide.

Barnabas Balint, HMD youth representative, chaired the event and spoke about the theme as a challenge to work towards One Day without genocide, racism or hatred.

Closing the event, Barnabas said:

I pledge today to you, Martin, to you, Alphonsine, to all the survivors I have had the honour to meet, and to all the victims I never could, that we will always remember your lives, your experiences, your families and your cultures; in us, your memory will never be forgotten.

There are many ways to interpret One Day. To learn more about the theme, you can download our theme vision document below.

Theme Vision

Yesterday, we also released our first life story for HMD 2022 – Franziska Mikus was one of more than 10,000 deaf people who were sterilised under the ‘Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring’, introduced by the Nazis. Click below to read Franziska’s life story.

Franziska Mikus

Watch the full theme launch event in the video below: