Statements on the attacks on Israel

Below are statements from the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust on the current situation in Israel.

Statement on 16 October 2023:

We are watching in horror, as the civilian population of Israel is being targeted by Hamas terrorism, and innocent civilians on both sides are being killed and traumatised. In the UK, antisemitism is on the rise and likely to continue as the conflict reverberates around the world, and internationally over the past few months there has been escalation of violence in Sudan – these are just two current examples of why our work is more vital and urgent than ever. As increasing levels of polarisation and violence fracture our world, we are determined to make sure Holocaust Memorial Day 2024 brings people together from all backgrounds.

The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

Statement on 9 October 2023:

The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust is appalled and heartbroken at the horrific events in Israel. We are shocked and sickened at the mass killings and kidnappings.
We stand in solidarity with the civilian population, targeted by the terrorist organisation, Hamas. Our thoughts and prayers are for safety and peace in the region.

The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust