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HMDT photo blog: A journey of learning

In early May, our staff and trustees visited Auschwitz and other sites significant to the Holocaust in Poland. Visiting these physical spaces where the events of the Holocaust took place reinforces the enormity of what happened and the need to understand it in order to prevent such atrocities happening again. Here we have used photographs and insights from our trip to convey some of what we felt and learned from the experience.

HMDT photo blog: A journey of learning

Our trustee Paul Giannisi said in an article he wrote about the trip for Jewish News:

The question I struggle to get my head around is how ordinary police and soldiers murder groups including children. In my role as hate crime advisor to the UK police, I have trained police around the world, I have regularly utilised the history of Battalion 101, a notorious group of German police volunteers. Many of these murderers later admitted that they were not acting under duress, as we may have anticipated, but were willing volunteers.

Warning: this blog contains graphic descriptions.