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Marking HMD on social media

Join in the conversation about Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) on social media by sharing how you will mark HMD and posting photos of your HMD activity. You can also download HMD graphics, videos and post templates to share with your followers and help raise awareness.

Marking HMD on social media

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge share a photo of their candle for the Light the Darkness national moment

Tag and follow us

If you take part in the Light the darkness national moment, join the conversation online by sharing a photo of your candle or your organisation’s building lit up in purple. Be sure to tag us:

Facebook: HMD.UK
Instagram: holocaustmemorialdaytrust
Youtube: HMD_UK

Follow us on X, Facebook and Instagram, and share our content to enable more people to learn about the Holocaust, Nazi persecution of other groups and more recent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

HMD post templates and images

Use our suggested wording for social media posts – you can download templates below.

Download social media post templates

If you are looking for suitable images to use on social media with your tweets and posts, take a look at the images available to download in our resources hub.

Social media can be a fantastic way of raising awareness of HMD, but must be used carefully. Please ensure that your use of social media is sensitive and respectful at all times, including your use of images. For more information, please refer to our guidance on the use of images.

HMD hashtags

Bring HMD to the attention of the online community by using our hashtags when you post about HMD.

Use the hashtags below to get your tweets seen by more people:


HMD social media graphics

Our range of different graphics help you demonstrate your participation in HMD.

Download graphics for X    Download graphics for Facebook    Download graphics for Instagram    Welsh language graphics

Downloadable videos and GIF

Download our HMD and Light the darkness films to share on social media

Download HMD film

Download Light the Darkness film

Download our flickering candle GIF to Light the darkness to raise awareness of the national moment on social media.

Download flickering candle GIF

HMD Facebook frame

Show that you support HMD by using our frame on Facebook. Follow these guidelines on how to add a frame on Facebook, searching ‘HMD’ to find our frame.