Klezmerish and Opera Circus – Stumbling Stones – HMD 2024

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Activity type: Public activity

Organisation name: Opera Circus

Website: https://www.liverpoolphil.com/whats-on/classical-music/klezmer-ish-stumbling-stones-project/8754

Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, music room
Sugnall St
L1 9BP
United Kingdom

At the Liverpool Philharmonic Music Room, we are performing Stumbling Stones, a show based on the book Villa Russo: A Jewish Story by Julia Nelki on 28th & 29th January 2024. The piece interweaves the family’s stories with testimony and poetry from a contemporary refugee, alongside extraordinary music, to explore the universal themes of identity, acceptance & fragility that remain as relevant right now as when Julia’s story began in 1750.

The tale takes us from the heart of Germany to the high Andes, from outcasts to opera, from villains to a villa. The music is provided by the band Klezmerish – an astonishing group of musicians from the Liverpool Philharmonic, who together with the actor Joanna Bending, Loraine Mponela, a refugee and international lyric soprano, Ilona Domnich, will explore the voices and worlds of present and past.

The performance lasts approximately 80 minutes. It is comprised of four musicians, one singer, an actor and a community participant. It is suitable for both concert venues and theatres as well as alternative spaces such a synagogues or museums requiring minimal set.

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