Camps today

Bill Hunt and Sophie Harrison have kindly provided photographs from the Holocaust which you can use. Here you will find images relating to the camps.

Camps today

Many of the Nazi concentration camps throughout Europe have been turned into memorial sites which you can visit. Below you can view images from the Dachau and Auschwitz-Birkenau camps.

These images have been provided by Bill Hunt and Sophie Harrison. If you would like to republish the images, please ensure that you credit them.

Find out more about the camp system created by the Nazis, these included forced labour, transit, and extermination camps throughout German-occupied territories.

All images © Bill Hunt and © Sophie Harrison – if you are using any of these images please make sure to use the credit details provided with each image. 

If you are planning to use images as part of your HMD activity please refer to our guidance


Bill Hunt and Sophie Harrison have kindly provided us with photographs from the Holocaust for you to use at Holocaust Memorial Day activities.