Holocaust Memorial Day 2019 Postcard Project

The Postcard Project for Holocaust Memorial Day 2019 explored the theme: Torn from home. Participants learned about the life stories of survivors who were forced to flee their homes during the Holocaust and the Genocide in Cambodia, and wrote a message to them.

The HMD 2019 Postcard Project is now complete.

35,000 postcards were sent out to schools, libraries, prisons, community groups and other organisations across the country. The postcards engaged thousands of people with the life stories of survivors of the Holocaust and the genocide in Cambodia. Renee Borstein and Sokphal Din have now received messages from many of these people, and are delighted by the response to the project.

Many thanks to those who took part in the project. You may be interested in our engagement project for HMD 2020 – 75 Memorial Flames. Visit the project page for more information and to register to take part.