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Untold stories - Margaret

Margaret is a German Jewish Refugee. She fled Nazi persecution, leaving her family behind and then settled in the UK. In this Untold Stories film she speaks about the persecution which drove her family from Germany, how she escaped to England, and the fate of her relatives who were left behind.

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Kemal's story

This testimony has been provided to the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust by Kemal Pervanić, a survivor of the Bosnian war, who has provided three specially edited short testimony films taken from his new film Pretty Village.

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Appolinaire's journey

Appolinaire Kageruka was 24 years old, and working as a teacher, when the Genocide in Rwanda began in 1994. He was born a Tutsi which was the ethnicity targeted during the Genocide. Before this, Appolinaire had helped to pay for the school fees of one of his students and it was this student whose family hid him during the Genocide, helping him to escape and survive.

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Holocaust survivor Ivor Perl meets filmmaker Gemma Green-Hope

Filmmaker and animator Gemma Green-Hope met Holocaust survivor Ivor Perl at his family home. Ivor was just 12 years old when he was taken to Auschwitz. He survived with the help of his older brother and several strokes of fortune. Gemma and Ivor discussed family, memory and hope – and how the lessons of the past can shape our future. Gemma created this animated response to Ivor’s story.

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Holocaust survivor Sabina Miller meets illustrator Kimberley Burrows

Sabina Miller and her family were forced to live in the Warsaw Ghetto, where they contracted typhus. Her parents died, but Sabina managed to escape and survive the war by hiding out in the Polish countryside and living under assumed identities. As part of our HMD 2011 Hidden Histories project Sabina told us about the cardigan her mother bought her just before war broke out in 1939. For HMD 2015 Sabina met with illustrator Kimberley Burrows as part of our Memory Makers project. .