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The White Rose Life Stories

The White Rose

Five students from Munich University and one of their professors challenged the Nazi regime by forming the White Rose group and beginning a secret campaign. They asked the German people to react to the violence and oppression which were all around them by standing up and fighting for freedom. In June 1942 four leaflets, published in quick succession, with the title Leaflets of the White Rose appeared all over the city of Munich.

Martin Stern MBE Life Stories

Martin Stern MBE

In this podcast Holocaust survivor Dr Martin Stern talks about his story. Martin was born in 1938 and lived in Holland. He survived camps at both Westerbork and Theresienstadt.

Life Stories

Alec Ward

In this detailed testimony Alec Ward describes life in Polish ghettos, escape, recapture, slave labour in Skarzysko Kamienna, Chestochowa, Buchenwald, and Flossberg, and the death march to Mauthausen Concentration Camp before liberation. He explains why he believes he survived, and talks about his life in the UK since the War.

Simon Winston Life Stories

Simon Winston

Simon Winston is from the Ukraine. He is a survivor of the Holocaust. In this Untold Stories film he speaks about the experience of escaping the Ghetto with his family and living in hiding.

Renee Salt BEM Life Stories

Renee Salt BEM

In this testimony, Holocaust survivor Renee Salt describes conditions in the ghetto in Zdunska-Vola in Poland, the agony of repeated 'selections', transport to Auschwitz, slave labour, and liberation in horrific conditions at Bergen-Belsen.

Anita Lasker-Wallfisch MBE Life Stories

Anita Lasker-Wallfisch MBE

Anita Lasker-Wallfisch played the cello in the orchestra at Auschwitz, surviving for nearly a year. Here she describes her wartime experiences, surviving the Holocaust, and being liberated from the horrendous conditions at Bergen-Belsen.