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El Sadiq ‘Debay’ Manees Life Stories

El Sadiq ‘Debay’ Manees

When Debay was a child, government militia attacked his village in Darfur. He spent years living in a refugee camp and moving around Sudan. In 2015, he was forced to flee when he was arrested and condemned to death.

Faiza Easy to read Life Stories Life Stories


Faiza was a lawyer in Sudan, supporting victims of the Genocide in Darfur. In 2007 the Sudanese Government targeted Faiza and her children and they were forced to leave their family and community and seek asylum in the UK. Faiza’s name and image have been changed to protect her identity.

Abdulsalam Abdullah Life Stories

Abdulsalam Abdullah

Abdulsalam sought asylum in the UK after experiencing violence at the hands of the Sudanese Government in their attacks against the black population in the Darfur region of Sudan. Abdulsalam shares his testimony in the hope that the raising awareness will provoke the world into responding to the genocide that continues to unfold there today.

Abdul Life Stories


In this testimony Darfuri survivor Abdul describes the murder of his father, being imprisoned and tortured, and escaping to the UK.

Karim Life Stories


Karim was born in Darfur in 1972 and grew up in the countryside near El Geneina. He comes from the Zaghawa tribe. Karim has two sisters and four brothers. His father was a farmer. Before the world came to know about the genocide in Darfur, Karim’s village was attacked.