Your voice is amazing

Your Voice is Amazing is the 90-second film created for Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) 2012. The theme for HMD 2012 was Speak Up, Speak Out which asked you to take inspiration from the past and pledge to speak out against persecution, hated and discrimination.

The film highlights this theme of Speak Up, Speak Out, by focusing on how voices can be used in many different ways – singing, beat boxing, performing impressions, producing poetry or bearing witness.   The film features singer Beverley Knight, impressionist Jon Culshaw, poet Benjamin Zephaniah and author Malorie Blackman.  The film celebrates the power of the human voice, with contributors demonstrating the way in which their voice is amazing.

The film, also features Sabina Miller, Holocaust survivor and, a Darfuri survivor, whose family are still trapped in Darfur.