HMD 2019 Postcard Project – activity organisers

Take part in the HMD 2019 Postcard Project to explore the theme Torn from home. Encourage people at your Holocaust Memorial Day activity to write to people forced from their homes during the Holocaust and the Genocide in Cambodia. Following your activity you will receive a message in response.

HMD 2019 Postcard Project – activity organisers

At your HMD activity, encourage attendees to explore one or two life stories of people forced to flee from their homes.

Renee Bornstein tried to flee from the Nazis as a child during the Holocaust.

Sokphal Din and his family were forced from their home during the Genocide in Cambodia.

Participants can write a postcard with a message to Renee and/or Sokphal. You will receive one reply postcard from each person your group has written to. You can display these postcards to share them with your participants after HMD.

This activity is suitable for adults and children aged seven and over.

On HMD 2019 we mark the 40th anniversary of the end of the Genocide in Cambodia.

Download the HMD 2019 Postcard Pack for activity organisers


You can download postcards to print yourself here. Due to the popularity of the project, we have now run out of printed postcards to send out.

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