Five ways to include survivor experiences in your Holocaust Memorial Day activity

Listening to a survivor sharing their personal experiences is a profound and deeply moving experience for attendees at HMD events, but with thousands of local activities taking place across the UK, it is not possible for survivors to attend every event.

However, there are many other ways to include the experiences of survivors of the Holocaust and genocide in your commemoration. Here are just five ideas:

1. Listen to a podcast played over your audio system – hear the life stories of survivors of the Holocaust and other genocides, then offer a chance to reflect together.

2. Watch a short film from our website and see survivors talking about their lives.

3. Play a presentation in a loop at your event. This year’s theme is The power of words, and our presentation includes quotes from, and images of, survivors.

4. Read the Life Story of a survivor – this could be followed by a group discussion, or with children this could include a drawing or writing activity about what they’ve heard.

5. Read a book or watch a film – if you’re part of a book or film club, you could theme your January group around a book or film that includes survivor experience.

And don’t forget to order your free activity pack which includes many more ideas for HMD 2018.