Five ideas for organising your Holocaust Memorial Day activity on a budget

Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) activities offer an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the Holocaust and genocide, and think about meaningful ways to create a better society today, free from hate.

We know that time and budgets can be limited when planning an HMD activity, so here are five practical ideas to help you deliver an impactful local event on a budget.

  1. Order our free activity pack, which includes posters and activity ideas for your school, workplace or organisation.
  2. Screen a film or play a podcast for free from our website.
  3. Invite a local community representative, faith leader or young person to read extracts from the life story of a survivor.
  4. Read a poem or sing or play a song written about the Holocaust or a subsequent genocide, then provide a chance to talk and reflect.
  5. Carry out marketing and publicity online. Use social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter to publicise your event to your networks, and send email invitations.

Don’t forget to let us know what you are doing and ensure your activity is counted as part of the national picture of HMD across the UK.