Avram Schaufeld 1926 – 2017

We are deeply saddened to hear about the death of our friend, Avram Schaufeld.

Avram Schaufeld 1926 – 2017

Avram was born on 30 April 1926 in Chorzow, Poland. During the Holocaust, he was imprisoned in several concentration camps as a teenager including Buchenwald, Langenstein-Zwieberge and Auschwitz.

After the war he met Vera, who came to the UK on the Kindertransport.

They fell in love, and were married for over 60 years. Both Avram and Vera worked closely with HMDT to share their stories, and to ensure that the stories of victims and survivors are kept alive so we can continue to learn lessons from the past. They both took part in our Moving Portraits collection for 2015, and were drawn by artist Gideon Summerfeld the previous year for HMD.

Avram will be sorely missed, and the staff and trustees of HMDT are grateful to him for his support and commitment to Holocaust commemoration and education.