Leave a Legacy to HMDT

Preserve memories and ensure lessons from the Holocaust and more recent genocides are learnt – for a better future.

Leave a Legacy to HMDT

Leaving a legacy to HMDT in your will helps to ensure that Holocaust Memorial Day continues to be marked every year in a meaningful way by future generations across the UK.

HMDT, a registered charity, supports people of all ages and backgrounds to learn from the past and take positive meaningful action so that we can create a better future.

Which type of legacy is best for you?

A gift in your will of any size can have real impact. There are three types of legacy:

Residuary Gift
The residue is what is left after any specific or pecuniary gifts have been made from the estate and all expenses and taxes have been paid. A residuary gift is usually a share in the residue. Residuary gifts usually maintain or increase their value over time.

Pecuniary legacy
This is a specific gift of a set amount of money.

Specific item
This might be something valuable such as an antique, a painting, jewellery, property, or shares that we could sell.

What information do I need to include in my will?
HMDT registered address: PO Box 61074, London SE1P 5BX
HMDT Registered Charity Number:1109348
HMDT full name: Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

Contact us
To discuss leaving a legacy in your will to HMDT in more detail, and in strict confidence, or if you have already arranged a legacy in your will and would like to let us know, please contact:

Julia Marcuson, Fundraiser julia.marc[email protected].

What is HMD?

What is HMD?

Holocaust Memorial Day takes place each year on 27 January and encourages remembrance in a world scarred by genocide.

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