Tree of light

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Activity type: Public activity

Organisation name: Thomas Ashton School


Thomas Ashton School
SK14 4SS
United Kingdom

Special Schools across Tameside have come together again this year to remember those people affected by genocide. This year it has been difficult to get together as an Arts Hub, but we felt it was important to collaborate and create a striking installation of togetherness. This year, as we have done each year, we welcome our local nursing home to take part, bringing the generations together.

Pupils in all schools involved plus residents of The Lakes have had their name and age put onto a glow in the dark star. Each star has a number and that number represents someone who helped during those terrible dark times.

The stars will be displayed using a light up tree, symbol of life and we hope this will be a talking piece as it lights up by day using the lights on the tree and by night using glow technology.

We hope that our tree will represent lighting the path to a better future and we ope to be able open our doors to anyone that would like to come and see it.

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Kim Mcdonough

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Tameside Arts Council

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[email protected]