Oldham Annual Holocaust Memorial Day Commemorative Event

Activity information

Activity type: Private activity

Organisation name: Oldham Council

Website: https://www.blue-coat.org/

The Bluecoat CE Secondary School
Edgerton Street
United Kingdom

Oldham's Annual Holocaust Memorial Day event at The Bluecoat CE Secondary School

HMD Event on Thursday 27th January
On Thursday 27th January Oldham Council are hosting the annual Holocaust Memorial Day event at The Blue Coat School , from 10-12. The Mayor of Oldham, other members of Oldham Council, Rabbi Walker, the Interfaith Forum and representatives of the police, Oldham Youth Council etc will be in attendance alongside our speaker Judith Hayman, there will be music from Year 13 Daisy Cursham accompanied by Jill Roberts and the event is being filmed by a member of our sixth form, Luke Wilson, ready to be put online by Oldham Council later that day.
All year 9 pupils will be attending as they have been studying the Holocaust in Religious Studies this year and are presenting their scrapbook projects.
This is a very special opportunity for us and we are grateful for your support.

Organiser Name

Virbai Kara

Other organisation(s) involved

The Bluecoat CE Secondary School and Oldham Interfaith Forum