Launching Hand Crocheted White Roses

Activity information

Activity type: Public activity

Organisation name: The Handmade Poppy Group


18 Elm Street
S43 2LW
United Kingdom

The Handmade Poppy Group is a group of 2 people who make and sell poppies with 100% of funds raised going to The Royal British Legion. However, this year we are making an addition to our page and will be making and selling hand crocheted white roses. We visited the National Holocaust Centre last year and we’re very impressed, therefore we want help raise funds to support your work in educating about the Holocaust and also prejudice and discrimination. We hope to continue this all year round, and 100% of donations will go to the Holocaust Memorial Centre.

To get a rose, please visit the link below on HMD as that is when we are planning to launch.

Organiser Name

Alice Squires