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Activity type: Private activity

Organisation name: Morley Primary School

Website: https://www.morley.derbyshire.sch.uk/holocaust-memorial-day/

Morley Primary School
Main Road, Morley
United Kingdom

Message given to KS2 pupils on Tuesday 26th January 20221

Holocaust Memorial Day

This Wednesday, 27th January, is Holocaust Memorial Day. We usually commemorate the day in assembly, and in our learning. We have a special page on our website, Holocaust Memorial Day | Morley Primary School to remind us of the day. Each year, there is a different theme all designed to encourage us all to think about how we can help to make the world a better place.

This year’s theme is Be the Light in the Darkness.

In these difficult times, perhaps it is appropriate to think about how we can be that light that will help others to look forward to better times, and help those in need in the present.

So, here are some thoughts for you:

• Create an image of a light, any light, that guides us through the darkness. This could be a drawing, painting, a photograph that you take of something you have set up, a video clip – anything you like
• Think of 5 things you could do that will help others to look forward, for example, can you call an elderly neighbor and talk to them; can you help at home with chores and keep your things tidy; can you smile at everyone at home and try not to be grumpy; can you design a card that you can send to someone to cheer them up.
• Write a poem or message of hope
• Find out more about Holocaust Memorial Day and create a poster or presentation Watch the ceremony on Wednesday evening Holocaust Memorial Day Trust | UK Holocaust Memorial Day: 2021 Ceremony (hmd.org.uk) and create something that says how you felt
• Join the commemoration by placing a candle in your window on Wednesday evening and take a photograph of it
• Be original and creative, and come up with your own idea

I would like you to post at least one piece this week, but you are welcome to do as much as you like. All good work will be posted onto the school’s special web page, and well thought out and carefully constructed work will be sent, if possible, to the national headquarters. There are more examples of things you could do, such as making a memorial flame, on the HMD website Holocaust Memorial Day Trust | Primary Schools (hmd.org.uk)

Organiser Name

Kate Marsland