Guest speaker from G2G – Jane Curzon

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Eden Park School
Balmoral Avenue
United Kingdom

Eden Park High School have a guest speaker Jane Curzon, coming to visit year 7 students on Holocaust Memorial Day.
Please find details of Jane's talk below -

Stella Curzon was born in Vienna in 1928 and came to England as a refugee aged 10. She was the only daughter of Schulim and Mina Schatzberg. Growing up she thought all grown-ups ever talked about was politics as when she was four years old in 1933, Hitler became the chancellor of Germany. Stella’s family evenings were spent with family gathered around the radio listening to what was happening to the Jews in Germany.

Jews made up 10% of the Vienna’s population, and they were allowed to work in all fields, own businesses, go to the city schools, attend, and teach at the university. They could not believe that the people they lived harmoniously amongst would overnight become their oppressors. In March 1938, was the Anschluss, when Austria was willingly annexed to Germany, their freedom was taken away.

That day Stella had to leave her school. Her father, who was a dentist, was only allowed to have Jewish patients, they were forbidden to go in certain parks and they lived in terror. November 1938 saw Kristallnacht, when synagogues, Jewish shops and homes were smashed and burnt. After that Schulim, along with other Jewish men, was taken to a concentration camp in Dachau and Stella and her mother had their apartment taken by their neighbours.

Mina was a determined wife and masterminded Schulim’s release from Dachau. He then came to England and through a series of fortunate events, he found three women to offer Stella refuge and save her life and her belief in the kindness of people.

This presentation is delivered by Jane Curzon, Stella’s daughter. It includes family photos, copies of documents and video clips of Stella talking.

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