Conversations with the Weeping Sisters

Conversations with the Weeping Sisters

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Activity type: Public activity

Organisation name: 6 million+ Charitable Trust


Empire House
Old Wakefield Road
WF12 8DJ
United Kingdom

Conversations with the Weeping Sisters are 7 special podcasts created by 16 young people from a variety of cultures, working with 6 million+ Charitable Trust, Creative Scene and radio producer Beth Parsons.
For the past 5 years, 6 million+ Charitable Trust have been creating giant figures of weeping sisters together with artists, local people, students and refugees in West Yorkshire. The Weeping Sisters are 12 ft high puppets who represent the grief and suffering of women who have witnessed genocide.
The younger participants from a variety of cultural backgrounds, who work with 6 million+, together with their families, thought it might be interesting to imagine having a conversation with each of the sisters about their life experiences, whether they took place in the 3rd century, or in the 1930s or now. Together, they thought about their stories, their countries and cultures and what we might want to know about each one. They also asked each of them for their message to us in today’s world. These moving podcasts are the result of the group imagining those conversations.

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Kim Strickson

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6 million+ Charitable Trust, Creative Scene

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[email protected]

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