Chesterfield Equality and Diversity Forum Holocaust Memorial Day Event

Activity information

Activity type: Public activity

Organisation name: Chesterfield Borough Council

Chesterfield Library
New Beetwell Street
S40 1QN
United Kingdom

Guest Speaker: Mr Dieudonne Ganza Gahizi
Gahizi is a survivor, a researcher, a writer and the founder/director of Healing Plan Organisation, a charity which supports victims/survivors of rape and the children born as a result of rape during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.
During the 100 days of Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, Gahizi lost more than 50 family members including his father. His sisters and aunts were sexually assaulted during the genocide which inspired him to seek support for the victims of rape with the mission of contributing to the improvement of the living conditions by providing psychosocial, medical, education and economic support to facilitate their reintegration into the community and increase their ability to be self-reliant.
Gahizi’s personal testimony of loss, survival, and how he forgave those responsible for the murder of his relatives particularly his father has been an inspiration for many people across the globe. His humanitarian achievements and drive for respect and forgiveness have led him to receive many awards and recognition.
Gahizi’s vision is to encourage the victims to find a place of forgiveness that allows them to move through the pain and hurt. As a member of the Ishami Foundation survivor speakers’ team, he speaks at schools, universities and other public and private places about his experience both as a survivor and an advocate for forgiveness and support for victims/survivors of rape.
The event is open to all and free of charge, but places are limited. Tickets are available from:
1. Chesterfield Library Information Desk
2. Café Browser at Chesterfield Library
3. Chesterfield Equality and Diversity Forum

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Allison Potter

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01246 345247

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[email protected]