A Service of Reflection and Act of Commemoration

Activity information

Activity type: Public activity

Organisation name: Derby HMD Planning Group

Website: http://holocaustmemorialdayderby.org

Derby Cathedral
United Kingdom

The Cathedral commemoration will be followed by a stone-setting ceremony at the trees dedicated to Anne Frank and Olga Nahlak, located on Cathedral Green. In a brief ceremony, dignitaries, including the Mayor of Derby and visiting diplomats from Bosnia-Hercegovina, Ukraine and Armenia, will place small stones at the foot of each tree. All who wish to do so may take part and stones will be provided at the trees.

Note 1: In Judaism, stone setting is a custom, to let the deceased soul know that their grave has been visited and that they are still in the minds of those who remain.
Note 2: Olga Nahlak was a Ukrainian gentile who saved a Jewish family by hiding them in a bunker under her floorboards, even faking a pregnancy so that when one Jewish mother gave birth, no-one was surprised to see Olga with a baby and its crying aroused no suspicion. After Olga’s husband disappeared, presumed murdered, she came to England where she lived and died in Derby and was designated Righteous Among the Nations. Full details of her life will be available on the day at the Cathedral (and are available online – web search Olga Nahlak). Anne Frank’s story is well known.

Organiser Name

Philip O'Brien