A note through time

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Activity type: Public activity

Organisation name: Thomas Ashton School

Website: https://www.thomasashton.tameside.sch.uk/

Thomas Ashton School
Bennett Street, Hyde
United Kingdom

Pupils from across Special Schools in Tameside have created postcards to mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2022. We thought about the theme 'One day....' and thought about letters and how these are becoming less popular as we move through time.

We decided to write postcards with words of advice to our future selves.

These postcards have been designed by the pupils themselves, through art lessons and workshops.

We then used wax with a personalised seal instead of a stamp. Each wax seal is a different colour which signifies the school/nursing home.

Once again we are delighted to be joined by our local nursing home, who will write words of wisdom to future generations.

Pupils at Thomas Ashton have made a life size post box and one of the parents has knitted the top of the post box giving it an even more personal touch. The postcards will be exhibited alongside the post-box and will hopefully tour all the schools involved.

As always we hope this installation will be as powerful if not more powerful than our previous installations.

Once again we enter another year of uncertainty, but one thing remains clear.... the need to keep in contact with one another, regardless of the medium.

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kim McDonough

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Special schools accross Tameside